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Pine Hollow Institute (PHI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the challenge of its mission by creating, sponsoring, and/or otherwise producing lectures, seminars, team-building retreats and opportunities for organizations to conduct strategic planning sessions.


PHI has a particular interest in supporting the natural sciences, psychology, and the behavioral sciences by providing unique educational opportunities in the form of hands-on experiences in the natural environment of Pine Hollow Institute.  PHI operates out of a 17,000 square foot home situated on seven acres of wooded property along 600 feet of Lake Michigan shoreline just south of Elk Rapids, Michigan and only 14 miles north of a major airport at Traverse City. 


PHI can house 24 overnight guests comfortably.  Amenities include an indoor pool, more than seven acres of wooded grounds complete with trails, ponds, and waterfalls that feed fresh water into Grand Traverse Bay.


PHI opens its facilities to individuals, organizations, corporations (both nonprofit and for-profit), students, and informal groups a full twelve months of the year as the host organization for workshops, strategic planning sessions, seminars and symposia related to the issues identified in our mission: “Pine Hollow Institute strives to heal people and planet Earth through intelligence, creativity, and compassion.”


PHI is not open to the public.  Access is limited to organizations and individuals invited through a registration process that begins with an interview by phone and a subsequent face-to-face interview.  PHI is available for programs that may take less than a day to complete and that may draw an audience of as many as 100 attendees.  PHI can also accommodate as many as twenty-four overnight guests, participating in workshops and planning sessions that may require overnight stays of several days. 


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